Zaza Red 15Ct Extra Strength Capsules Review

ZAZA Red 15Ct Extra Strength Capsules contain a unique Special Blend of nootropics that provide alertness and focus without the crash you get with caffeine. Many people use this product as a study aid or to help them get through the day at work. These capsules are also reported to have a cumulative effect, allowing you to stay more focused and alert longer with repeated use.

These tianeptine pills are sometimes referred to as gas station heroin because they hit opioid receptors in the brain and can become highly addictive for some users. They’re sold in small bottles from kiosks at convenience stores across the country. The pills are sold under a variety of names and come in different dosages. Some are even marketed as dietary supplements. Regardless of their labeling, some have gained an undeserved reputation for being dangerous and highly addictive. Read more..

ZAZA Red 24Ct is the highest strength tianeptine capsule on the market. It has a special blend of nootropics which provides alertness and focus without the crash that you experience with caffeine. This makes it great for students and helps with focus after a long day at work.

Despite the fact that these pills are supposed to be dietary supplements, they’ve earned a reputation as “gas station heroin” for the high number of calls to poison centers regarding them. These kratom-infused pills hit opioid receptors, and their effects can be exhilarating for many users—but also extremely dangerous. That’s because the kratom isn’t pure: It contains Tianeptine, an atypical drug that hits opioid receptors in the brain. This atypical drug is prescription-only in some countries, but it’s sold as a dietary supplement in the United States and has been known to cause extreme addiction for some people.

The company behind the infamous pills, Zaza, does little to make sure their products are safe. Their website is uninformative and lacks truthful details about their ingredients. Their labels are also cheaply-tinted and easy to open, a clear sign that they’re meant for anyone who can find them.

ZAZA Red is a brand of kratom that’s distributed by M&J Distributors, a retailer with a national footprint. It’s unlike other enhanced kratom capsules in that it has a mixture of signature chemicals, including kratom and Phenibut. Those two drugs are highly addictive and have been known to lead to toxic leukoencephalopathy, which is potentially fatal for some users.

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