What is a YouTube Live Stream?

Live stream is a way to broadcast what you are doing in real time, a bit like live TV. It’s often used by influencers and celebrities to interact with their audience. Young people can also use it to connect with each other, sharing content, opinions and experiences. Some children and young people enjoy being a ‘streamer’ themselves, feeling empowered to be seen and heard by their friends and family and potentially a wider global audience. This can help to build their confidence and communication skills. It can also be an excellent way to express themselves creatively and get positive feedback.

Some live streams are private but others can be public and could be viewed by hundreds, or even thousands of people. Viewers can comment and interact with the streamer, sending them emojis or gifts which appear on screen. It’s possible for these comments to be negative or inappropriate.

The ability to talk to a wide audience in real-time increases the potential for children and young people to be influenced by what they are viewing, or for them to feel pressure to act in a certain way or say things that they might not do offline. It’s important that they know where they can find support if they are worried and how to report a concern if needed. youtube live stream viewers buy

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