What is a Bespoke Suit?

A Bespoke suit is an entirely handmade garment. It starts as a length of superfine suiting cloth, then it is shaped and transformed to fit the customer perfectly. This process requires extensive measurements and multiple fittings by the master tailor. The result is a tailored garment that fits and drapes flawlessly on the body, bringing to life the original vision of the wearer.

Bespoke suits, originated on Savile Row, are defined by their uniqueness, craftsmanship and artistry. The term ‘bespoke’ means “to be spoken for” in the sense that a client’s precise body specifications and style are taken into consideration in creating a pattern for their tailored suit. It’s a world away from the made-to-measure suit that’s pre-determined by pre-set templates.

During a bespoke fitting, the expert tailor takes between 25-30 measurements of the wearer. This includes the circumference of the neck, widths of the shoulders and chest, three different widths of the hips, the inseam (from your inner thigh to your ankle) and much more.

In addition to the individual measurements, a bespoke suit is crafted by taking into account the wearer’s posture, preferred style and desired fit. This is why a bespoke suit is more than just a “fitted shirt.” It’s a piece of art that allows you to stand out in any room. Investing time and money into a Bespoke suit is the best way to look and feel your best. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel your best, you can do anything. Bespoke suit

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