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WeTransfer has built a reputation as the go-to large file transfer service. It has an easy-to-use interface and is available across browsers and mobile devices. It also offers a free tier that allows for 2GB of file transfers, while its paid plans offer higher limits and other tools. But WeTransfer isn’t perfect, and it has a number of limitations that make it unsuitable for business use. For example, there is no account creation needed with WeTransfer, meaning that files can be accessed by anyone who knows the link. This lack of privacy protection is a major drawback for business users who need to send files securely.

Additionally, WeTransfer limits the maximum size of a single file to 2GB, which makes sharing larger files difficult. This is particularly important for businesses, where the need to share large files with colleagues and clients can often arise. As a result, many companies are looking for WeTransfer Alternatives that offer higher transfer limits and other features designed to address the needs of businesses.

Smash is an excellent WeTransfer Alternative that lets you create and share a link to large files without requiring an account. While it does have a limit of 1GB on free tiers, Smash does allow for up to 10GB worth of transfers with a paid subscription. It also offers password protection, link customization, and download managers. Additionally, it can be used for uploading and downloading across different platforms, including Microsoft Outlook.

Another great WeTransfer Alternative is Dropbox, which has a simple and intuitive interface and offers a variety of features that can be used by both personal and professional users. Unlike WeTransfer, however, Dropbox’s shared links do require both end-users to have a Dropbox account in order to access the file. This may be a turn off for some businesses, and it is worth noting that Dropbox’s free tier only allows for 2GB of file transfers.

If you’re looking for a WeTransfer Alternative that offers higher file transfer and storage limits, try pCloud. While it does have a limit of 2GB for free tiers, pCloud’s paid tiers allow for up to 50 GB. In addition, pCloud provides password protection, link customization options, and an automatic trash backup feature.

pCloud also has an additional feature that Smash and many of the other WeTransfer alternatives do not — electronic signature integration. This feature can streamline the process of submitting and signing documents, which is especially helpful for HR and admin teams. pCloud is a bit more expensive than most of the other WeTransfer alternatives, but it does have a free trial that can be used to determine whether the platform is right for you.

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