Upgrade Your Kitchen With an Instant Boiling Water and Chilled Water Tap

Upgrade your kitchen with Australia’s world famous Billi tap, featuring a single under bench command centre and premium filtered boiling and chilled water. Available in a variety of stunning finishes.

Households were eligible for the study if they always or almost always boiled their drinking water. Many households reported that they did not actively monitor the boiling process.

Boiling Water

Boiling water is a simple and cheap way to purify drinking water. By bringing water to a rolling boil it can kill harmful microorganisms that may be present. However, boiling is not a perfect method of water purification as it does not remove all contaminants. It also uses a lot of energy and therefore increases household electricity consumption.

A “boil water advisory” is a public health alert issued when a contaminant has been detected in the municipal water supply. The alert requires residents to boil their tap water for 3 minutes before use until the advisory expires or bottled water is used. Boiled water can be used for drinking, brushing teeth, washing dishes, making ice and baby formula.

A 5-week study in rural Guatemala found that households who self-reported always or almost always boiling their drinking water had a geometric mean thermotolerant coliform (TTC) count of 0 g/100 mL which meets World Health Organization guidelines for safe drinking water. This compared to a TTC count of 2 g/100 mL in source water samples from non-boiled households. The findings were adjusted for a number of factors including time over the heat source and mixing boiled and unboiled water. TTC counts in boiled water were significantly lower than in source water after accounting for bacterial transfer. However, it is important to note that boiling does not reduce toxic chemicals such as lead leached from plumbing or pesticides.

Chilled Water

Whether for hydration or everyday tasks, water is vital in our lives. A Zip HydroTap allows you to access all the water you need from one tap; crisp chilled water, boiling water or filtered hot and sparkling water. Our all in one taps also eliminate the need for multiple appliances, reducing your energy consumption and making your kitchen more functional and efficient.

Our patented PowerPulse technology maintains your water temperature without heating and cooling it multiple times. This process reduces energy use, saves money and minimises carbon emissions. It also ensures that the water temperature you choose is always available, no matter how much you use.

All in one systems dispense a combination of chilled still, sparkling and hot/boiling water from an under bench unit hidden away behind your sink or bench top. Depending on the model chosen it can dispense up to 50 litres of chilled water per hour or up to 250 cups per hour of boiling water.

Our range includes models designed for a single or dual sink with separate mixed mains. This makes them a great choice for workplaces that have a separate hot and cold sink or that already have a filtered drinking water system installed. The smaller size also makes them a great option for the home or office.

Filtered Water

Boiling water is one of the simplest and most effective ways to purify tap water. It kills harmful bacteria, waterborne viruses, parasites, and spores. It also removes some chemical contaminants such as lead and chlorine from the water.

However, it does not remove dissolved solids such as minerals and chemicals or sediments that make the water turbid. Boiling also does not dissolve any other substances that may be present in the water such as pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.

A water filter offers a more comprehensive solution to cleaning and treating your tap water than boiling. It not only filters out the impurities but it also removes the odours and unpleasant tastes from your water, whilst improving the overall taste.

All in one water appliances are a convenient and safe alternative to boiling and cooling your water. Located under your sink, they offer mains hot and chilled water with filtered options. They have a single under bench command centre with full colour interactive touch screen with pin code protection, multiple boiling water safety modes, energy saving functions and 0.2 micron water filtration.

They can be programmed to run 24/7 or switched to a mode that only operates during the times you want it. Adjustable temperature controls, regulated flow and effective insulation help to keep energy costs low.

Under Bench Unit

Boiling water taps, also known as instant boiling water systems or hot taps dispense filtered boiling and chilled water at the push of a button. They are a modern alternative to the traditional electric kettle or hot water urn and can be installed on either the wall or under bench depending on your needs.

They work much like an electric shower, taking water from the mains and rapidly heating it with an element inside a heavily-insulated tank to dispense steaming, near-boiling water at the flick of a lever. Some models can even dispense ambient filtered water as well.

Chilled water is also available, providing a healthier, colder option to your drinks, as well as working as a great substitute for iced tea and coffee. Plus, it’s been shown to have a positive impact on your metabolism and help you lose weight by forcing your body to burn more calories to maintain your core temperature.

Instant boiling and chilled water taps offer unparalleled functionality for your kitchen and come in a variety of finishes to match any style. Choose from the leading brands in the industry, including Billi and Zip, which are known for their high quality and sleek design. They are also extremely energy efficient with advanced heat exchange and energy reclaim technologies which make them environmentally friendly and cost-effective to run. instant boiling water and chilled water tap

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