Types of Child Care in New York City

Child care is a service that provides a place for children to be cared for while their parents work or attend school. This service is provided by a variety of people, including nannies, babysitters, daycare centers and preschools.

There are a wide range of child care options available, and each type can offer unique benefits to your family. When choosing a child care option, it’s important to find a provider that will meet your needs and provide high quality care.

Center-Based Services

A center-based child care setting offers a more structured environment than an in-home option. This can be beneficial for your child, as it can provide them with socialization and interaction with other children in a group setting.

The majority of centers require background checks and drug testing to ensure the safety and health of children in their care. They also typically require child care providers to be CPR certified and have first aid training.

In-Home Childcare

In-home child care is a great option for those who have special circumstances or may not be able to afford center-based child care. This type of childcare is often provided by a family member or friend, such as a grandparent or aunt.

Nannies and Au Pairs

A nanny is a professional caregiver who has specialized training in caring for young children. They are usually employed by a family in a live-in or live-out position.

Many nannies and au pairs study toward qualifications in child care, such as the Montessori method. This training is designed to prepare nannies and au pairs to work with children in a nurturing and safe environment.

They often provide additional services in addition to child care, such as running errands and helping with household chores. These additional services can be an added expense, so be sure to ask what is included in the cost of a nanny or au pair’s care before deciding on a nanny.

Some families choose to pay for care in a child-care center instead of hiring a nanny or au pair. These are sometimes known as “pay-to-play” care, and can be a helpful option for some families.

There are several types of centers for children in New York City, including those that are regulated by the Department of Health and licensed by the Administration for Children’s Services. Each type of center has its own set of requirements, and some programs have more stringent requirements than others.

In some cases, a child care center has multiple programs within it that allow for infants and toddlers to be grouped with other children of the same age. This is helpful for infants, because it gives them the opportunity to interact with other children and to develop their social skills and communication abilities.

These child-care centers can be an excellent option for working parents who want to ensure their child’s safety and well-being while they are at work. However, many child care centers are more expensive than nannies and may not be the best choice for all families.

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