Transmission Repair – Oil Pan Leaks

Leaks can occur in a variety of areas,

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 the most common of which is the pan holding the fluid located at the bottom of the system. A gasket is situated between the engine and pan. If the gasket is worn, broken or compromised in some other way, the engine will begin to leak and thus, you will need to replace the gasket. In this article, we will provide you with a step by step transmission repair guide to help address your oil pan leak.

Step 1 – To start out transmission repair drain the fluid from it. A solitary drain bolt can be found on the pan’s bottom side. Position a drip pan beneath the bolt before slowly removing the bolt with the aid of a wrench. The fluid should drain into the pan.

Step 2 – Push the pan aside and replace the drain bolt. Start by hand and finish with a wrench.

Step 3 – Next, you will need to unscrew and remove the retaining bolts. This will allow you to gain access to the pan. These bolts can be found on the outer most lip of the pan and can be unscrewed with a wrench. If you find difficulty removing the pan from it, it can be dislodged by tapping it lightly with a rubber mallet.

Step 4 – Clean the interior of the pan using a lint-free cloth and peel away the gasket from the pan’s lip. If you find that only a small portion of the gasket can be peeled or you are unable to peel away anything, try using a straight razor to pry off the material. Be careful while using the blade so as not to cut yourself or damage the lip on the pan.

Step 5 – Remove the new gasket from it’s packaging and place it to the pan’s lip. These gaskets can only be installed in one specific fashion. Move the gasket around the lip until the holes line up against the lip of the pan. Take a mental picture of how the gasket should be positioned and remove it. Apply a small amount of sealer to the pan’s lip and apply the gasket to it. Once it is secure, add a second layer of sealer to the outer side of the gasket material.

Step 6 – The pan should now be placed to the engine bottom before inserting the retaining bolts through the pan and securing them to it. A torque wrench should be used to tighten these bolts to a setting predetermined by the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Every system is different. Be sure to consult the manual before tightening. m8 bolt dimensions

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