The Piercing Star

Allah the Creator, makes oath (swears) by cosmic events “By the sky And the Night Visitant (The rein);- And what will explain to thee What the Night visitant is? (It is) the star of piercing brightness”. In another verse He says “By the star When it goes down. Your companion is neither ashtray nor being misled. Nor does he say (ought) of (his own) desire” Allah swears by the sky and the night visitant, Whoever hears or reads this for the first time would not know what these objects sweared by mean? What do they mean? Therefore Allah clarified it as the “piercing star”. Then how can a star become a visitant or piercing ? Is there a scientific interpretation for these cosmic phenomenon? Interpreters usually interpret that the ray of the star to be piercing, however, the characteristic of Night visitant is rarely dealt with. The other part deals with another cosmic phenomena. It is the phenomena of the star when it goes down (Meteor). However, we have to differentiate between this phenomena and the phenomena of the meteor. The phenomena of the meteor is a daily phenomena. Every day large number of meteor enters the earth atmosphere due to their high speed which raises their heat by their friction with air and therefore they get burned. Some of these meteor reach the surface of the earth. However this meteor has been mentioned in Quran in more than one place but Allah did not swear by them. He sweared by the star which goes down Then why He sweared by the star which goes down ? The neotronic stars are larger than the sun by the percentage of 4:1. When the star starts to collapse it shrinks quickly and pressure increases upon its molecules. Consequently these molecules get destroyed and the electronic liquid gets formed and its thickness increases and fails to bear the pressure resultant from the weight of the star and its gravitation. Consequently this gravitation crushes the electronic liquid star as it has crushed the crust of the molecules before. The collapse of the red giant continues. The electrons and protens get fused and form new neutrons. As the layers of the star are collapsing it seeks a salavator to rescue it from the weight of the star which causes everything. Finally the electrons and protens get fused with each other and the star gets converted into neutrons which are pressured upon each other in the absence of any space and the density of the star reaches a standard record and the red giant shrinks into the ball star formed from neutronic materials in the size of pulzars balls with the size which transcends fifty thousand billion tons. If this ball is put on the earth or any other cosmic planet they will not bear their huge weight and consequently it will create a hole equal to its size. However the story of discovering the neotronic star is a unique one. In 1968 an American girl student picked up wireless signs from outer space. She received these signs by a new equipment called the wireless telescope or Radio Telescope. She got these signs from distances which are estimated by millions of years. In the early years of the 1970s the astronomers succeeded to observe many stars which share the characteristics of sending regular wireless signs. Star Plus Energy

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