The Desire for Designer

Why do we want designer clothing, accessories, even electronics as consumers? Is it the prestige? Partly. But the better questions are these: “What makes the designer stand apart? How did they become such a big name?”

Those of us who “have not” will continue to want, and those of us who “have” will continue to have. The reason is why. As I’ve gotten older and been able to have greater buying power, I’ve begun to see the reason that designers stay in business. Yes, people want to be able to say they got the new Michael Kors bag. The prestige of having the latest in season fashion item; or the most advanced computers, mp3 players, or DVD/BluRay system; or the most expensive sound system with crystal clear sound quality that puts you in the middle of the concert or battlefield is undeniably one of the top reasons consumers seek the lead competitors. But for those of us who are conscientious and contemplative consumers, it’s also very much about quality. Sure, the Kate Spade from Target will serve its purpose, but for how long? Yes, the new Coach will go out of style in a month, but, if well cared for, it will last long enough to come back in style (it’s called “vintage”) and can be reused or passed down to future generations. Less expensive items might stand the test of time as well, but they are made with lower quality materials that do not often have the types of supports and guarantees that name brands do.

There is a reason couture gowns start in the thousands of dollars. The amount of time, creativity, energy, finances, materials, and other resources that go into a hand-crafted item are very deserving of compensation. The amount of time, energy, finances, and other resources that go into the latest home entertainment systems, car stereos, and other electronics are unimaginable. This is a huge risk to major companies and designers who want to be taken seriously as strong competitors in the markets they thrive in. Designers became and continue to become who they are because they put themselves out to the world with something worth offering and stake their reputations on making items that not only people with the money and celebrity will want to collect, but those who can afford pieces one at a time can maintain in their possession. It all comes back to the old adage: You get what you pay for. michael kors bags blue

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