The Benefits of Athletic Grip Socks

When it comes to performing at your best, every little detail can make a difference. Grip socks are a new innovation taking the soccer world by storm, allowing players to grip their shoes for improved comfort & control.

Developed in 2007 by a Crystal Palace Baltimore player-coach who was bothered by his socks sliding down & rubbing inside his boots, grip socks use a layer of breathable material to prevent this. This reduced friction between foot & shoe reduces the risk of blisters forming – especially when combined with new, stiff boots & hard ground.

Excess slippage can cause damage to bones & tendons in your feet, as well as larger areas such as the ankle, calf & knee. Adding extra grip can help reduce this wear & tear to keep you injury free for longer.

Another benefit of grip socks is that they can prevent your feet from slipping into dirt or debris on the floor while you play. This can be a problem in some activities, such as yoga, where slipping around the mat may distract you from focusing on your posture & technique.

Grip socks also give you more confidence on the pitch, reducing your fear of losing your footing & potentially embarrassing yourself in front of your team mates. They are easy to apply too, simply cut the feet off your regular match socks & then insert them into your grip socks (make sure you choose a pair that matches your teams colour, as referees will be watching closely!). athletic grip socks

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