The Beauty of a Cherub Figurine

The beauty of this cherub statue combines the grace of a child with a serene expression. It is crafted from a high quality polyresin to ensure long lasting durability. Display this cherub angel inside or out for an inspirational addition to your home or garden.

The cherubim, or cherubs, are celestial winged beings with animal, birdlike and human characteristics who function as throne bearers of God in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic literature. They often occupy positions at the top of the divine hierarchy, but can also be depicted as children or even as cute baby angels.

Cherubs are a symbol of love, divinity and peace in many cultures. They are often seen as the link between earth and heaven, as a way to remind people that they are loved and have an eternal soul. They are also known as companions of Greek Goddesses like Aphrodite and Venus, and the protectors of The Garden of Eden in biblical scripture.

Sculptural representations of cherubim and their recognizable features have been around for centuries, including in the ancient world, medieval art, and the Renaissance. The chubby child-like beings became a popular motif in decorative art and architecture as early Italians began to embrace their Roman heritage. In the Renaissance, a famous example can be found in Jacopo Della Quercia’s tomb of his wife, Ilaria, which is decorated with cherubs holding rose garlands.

In more modern times, the cherubim has become an important symbol of childbirth and marriage, as well as the spirituality and protection of the home. Today, cherubs can be seen in gardens and in home decor, especially as statues or figurines.

Cherubim evoke the image of innocence and the ability to dream and imagine the possibilities of life. They can be found in a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern, and can be used for both religious and secular purposes.

This Cherub figurine is the perfect gift for anyone who is celebrating a special occasion or just wants to add a little heavenly touch to their home. The charming details of this cherub statue will make it a treasured gift for generations to come.

The artist who created this cherub sculpture was inspired by the works of Donatello. This terracotta cherub is reminiscent of the putti surmounting the Cavalcanti altar in Florence, and has a striking resemblance to Donatello’s bronze Amor-Atys at Bargello. Our Design Toscano cherub figure celebrates the child-like details of this iconic shape, from dimpled knees to feathered wings. This cherub will bring warmth and joy to any room in your home, or it can be placed in the garden for a heavenly accent that will always stay in style.

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