Smart Dehumidifier Review

A smart dehumidifier has the ability to be controlled via a mobile app, giving you more control over it. They use sensors to understand when the humidity is at its optimum and will decide whether or not to keep running or shut off. This saves you energy and keeps your home more comfortable.

For those looking for a simple and straightforward smart dehumidifier, this one is a great option. It’s a medium capacity unit that is perfect for most rooms in the house. It features a digital display that tracks the current moisture levels, a bucket full alarm, and a port for connecting a hose to continuously drain the water from the device.

It’s also Energy Star certified to help you lower your energy bill while it’s running. We liked how it removed moisture in large spaces like living rooms, basements and storage areas without a lot of fuss. Its built-in hygrometer gave us accurate readings, and it has different settings for specific needs such as turbo fan mode to quickly dry the air.

It’s a little on the heavy side, but it’s easy to move around. We also liked how it’s Wi-Fi compatible and can be controlled by voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. The only downsides are that the orange indicator for the bucket is hard to see, and you have to manually remove the bucket to dump out the excess water. This can be a pain on hot or humid days. smart dehumidifier

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