Silver Cloth

Silver cloth is a special flannel-like fabric embedded with thousands of small particles of silver. When it is used to line silver chests or cases, jewelry boxes and drawers, or to make silver bags and flatware rolls, it prevents tarnish. This anti tarnishing cloth does not release any chemicals or interfere with the silver article it is protecting. It also cleans and polishes tarnished silver.

It absorbs tarnish-producing gases on the surface of the silver particles in the cotton and the tarnishing process is stopped before it has a chance to affect the silver object inside. It is a true tarnish preventative and lasts much longer than fabrics embedded with zinc or other metals. The only drawback is that Pacific Silvercloth will eventually tarnise to a dark brown or black color, depending on the environment and the amount of silver it has absorbed over time. It can be replaced by adding fresh silver cloth to the old once it becomes black.

Silver cloth is most effective when it is kept completely dry and in a tightly sealed storage area. We recommend putting silica gel or activated charcoal in the storage chest or bag along with the silver cloth to absorb moisture that can accelerate tarnishing. For this reason, we do not ship silver cloth in plastic wrap or a Ziplock type container.

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