Shenzhen rent fuel surcharge rose to $4 the most expensive

From yesterday on, shenzhen taxi fuel surcharge once again raised, with “green” 3 yuan, “red” 4 yuan price, have reached an all-time high. This is now the country’s most expensive fuel surcharge are not included. In an interview with reporters yesterday that street, this should benefit from the “brother”, many people are not willing to fuel surcharge rise, the future passengers or reduced, become “brother” are worrying problem. Fuel surcharge rise let passengers feel pressure, electric taxi because don’t accept fuel surcharge and big popular.The new fees are not post announcementYesterday morning 11, reporter in an interview with COC0 PARK nearby, met just to get off of Mr Zhang, he told reporters, his bamboo forest from a taxi to come over, get on “brother” quickly tell he fuel surcharge by 3 piece has risen to $4. But he found that, before the driver’s deputy posted “about charge fuel surcharge announcement”, still wrote “red taxi every train 3 yuan”, for which he said to the driver on the spot the questioning. “Brother” explanation says, just received the notice, announcement hasn’t had time to change.Mr. Li said, because drive time no with driver dispute, or pay $4 fuel surcharge are not included.Then, the reporter interviewed several is wait for “taxi” driver, they all said, he was in 21 afternoon or 22 morning didn’t receive the notice of the rise, and oral announcement, didn’t see a document issued and the car’s notice also really haven’t updated. “The company said is printing, are expected to 10 days,” a “brother” told reporters.”Brother” are also told a reporter, because new bulletin has not issued, to avoid disputes with passengers, although they will oral told passengers fuel surcharge has raised, but if passengers refused to pay, and no way. “This morning, I pulled 12 guests, only seven gave four yuan, other didn’t also way,” deep China had the leasing company master said.Residents said taking a taxi has become a “luxury”Another interview passengers Mr. Li, then after I got to reporters, “though today the driver just overcharged me a dollar, but he has put my life down a class”, because the taxi price is so high, later if not in a hurry, or will choose to sit bus, try to reduce the number of “taking a taxi”.He sent the journalist accounts say, from the day the car to merlin COCO PARK, just go to eight kilometers, plus fuel surcharge should just 30 yuan, than that for the bus expensive 15 times! If gas according to convert it, than private cars are expensive 3 times, so the high cost, let “played” become a luxury consumption.In addition, from 22, the morning, a “in shenzhen played up the taxi is GaoFu handsome”, has set up a file in the micro blog trigger crazy forwarding, become popular hot language.The driver will reduce worry about passengersThe chi from a taxi company master Saul to reporters yesterday, “brother” are the two days in discussing this problem, also feel “red” 4 dollars fuel surcharge is a little bit high. “For long distance guest may have effect, but the short guests the money must have to uncomfortable, might not by car DVD …….”Day sincere traffic company “brother” master huang, told reporters yesterday morning, he only pull the five or six guests, income to 100 yuan, the usual morning income of more than $200. “As a taxi driver, we don’t want to raise, but company rules down, also can do it. Now the car not updated notice, passengers will be on the car a verbal explanation.”In addition, the “brother” expressed, now shenzhen subway network has been forming, citizens by public transportation, subway travel is more convenient, now fuel surcharge once again raised, shenzhen “taxi” price has far higher than other cities in China, people are going to take the bus, later “taxi” business more difficult to do.Electric taxi years is expected to increase to 800 vehiclesThe shenzhen dispatch (reporter shaw Han interns CengJiaYi) as “red” fuel surcharge increase, blue white alternate with of pure electric taxi more are welcomed by the citizen. From reporters yesterday that the SEC, is planned this year also will have 500 a new energy taxi on the road.An interview with reporters yesterday, “red” driver master li told reporters, he found, in the extra fuel surcharge, also waiting in line to the guest, have the guest will be around his car, straight to electric taxi, oneself are helpless. And bus group pen distance company electric taxi driver master peng, says he feels for electric cars without charging fuel surcharge, guest indeed increase somewhat than before.In the interview, also have a lot of citizens proposal, shenzhen to speed up the pure electric taxi put, “and environmental protection, and don’t accept fuel additional, more cost-effective!” For this, the backup camera reporter yesterday to the SEC consulting understands, at present shenzhen taxi market has been 300 motorized taxi, as planned, shenzhen this year will also promote 500 cars by the government of new energy taxi, a taxi will be all adopt the byd (26.00, 0.97,-3.60%) of the production of the pure electric vehicle. Infrastructure will increase coverage, the plan of newly built all year 40 seats or more battery charging station. yarra valley to melbourne airport

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