Living The Polaris World Lifestyle – What Can Polaris World Offer You?

Polaris World is synonymous with Spanish Real Estate Success Stories. A company that promotes, develops and builds quality resorts with leading design golf courses. Polaris World is not just associated with the building aspect of these luxurious golf resorts, but also manages the comprehensive services of the entire resorts, including housing-related services, which makes the homes and their setting a great investment.

Investing in a Polaris World Golf Resort means investing in a luxurious lifestyle, where royalty and comfort come packaged in a dream resort. Centered on golf, the Polaris World theme based resorts are everyone’s dream destination, be it a local Spaniard, an overseas buyer or astute property investor.

Polaris World Developments

Spain has been traditionally, an investor hotspot. The country is extremely popular for holiday and second home buyers due to the quality of life Spain has to offer that is unparalleled and alluring. Amidst the rising demand for a luxurious lifestyle in the country, Polaris World has come up with unique plans to establish golf-themed resorts in Spain that will offer world class facilities to the investors and residents. The current plans involve 2 main areas Orillas de Mar and Condado de Alhama each containing 6 different resorts totalling 12, with 4 resorts already operational and more to be completed shortly.

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to Polaris World. Polaris World showcases and promotes a lifestyle that is sophisticated, comfortable, extravagant, and luxurious. The aim of Polaris World is to enable the residents to experience luxury at a relatively lower and affordable cost. That’s why, immense effort has been spent on the design aspect of the resorts to generate an aura where affluence reverberates at every step.

The day-to-day requirements of the residents are taken care of within the resort premises, with facilities ranging from supermarkets, catering, car hire, travel, mini club, gardening, cleaning service, decorating, internet connection, telecommunications etc. The residents are also pampered with themed restaurants, bars, pubs, swimming pools, medical centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, salons, tennis courts, fitness centers, and schools.

Polaris World capitalizes on the popularity of golf among Europeans. Spain is full of natural attractions, like beaches, hills, and other picturesque locations, but Polaris World resorts add another chapter to the never ending Spanish maze by introducing Golf resorts designed by none other than the legendary Jack Nicklaus. A mind-boggling range of 153 golf holes, over nine courses have been designed to make it the largest ‘Nicklaus Golf Trail’ outside the United States.

The prime property developments under Polaris World umbrella include:

Orillas del Mar

El Valle Golf Resort

Mar Menor Golf Resort

La Torre Golf Resort

La Loma Golf Resort

Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort

Las Terrazas de La Torre Golf Resort plus the new Islas de Las Terrazas

Condado de Alhama

Jardines de Alhama

Cortijos de Alhama

La Isla de Condado

El Mirador de Alhama

Los Naranjos de Alhama

Golf Suites de Alhama

Polaris World

Polaris World offers investment in a range of properties including penthouses, villas, townhouses, apartments, and even rural homes. The lush green backdrop and vibrant skyline adds to the charm of any kind of investment within the Polaris World resorts. And if you have had enough of golf swings, take a break and enjoy the nearby sea surfing, water scooting, paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, river rafting, and lots of other interesting adventure sports. Serviced office in Qatar

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