Restyling Dodge Omni Using Quality Replacement Parts from Auto Parts Deal

Dodge Omni is Dodge’s lucky charm. It was introduced at a time when Chrysler, Dodge’s parent company, was facing great financial difficulties. In its efforts to save the company from its demise, Chrysler sought for the US government’s financial help. The Dodge Omni and its twin model, the Plymouth Horizon, which were new that time showed great potential; thus, the government granted Chrysler’s loan.

The Dodge Omni was indeed a great vehicle. Its hatchback body style signified its utility and versatility. Just after it was launched, it was awarded as Motor Trend’s Car of the Year for 1978. With fame though, came some controversies. A magazine, which drive tested it, said it’s unsafe and hard to maneuver. Luckily, the damage was alleviated by other auto magazines that commented the driving conditions in the said test drive were far from real driving conditions. Dodge Omni, eventually was out of controversies and continued to generate good sales all the way through 1990 its last year of production.

Exterior Upgrade

“Old” doesn’t mean old-looking. Yes, you may consider a Dodge Omni old for its age but it doesn’t mean it must retire now in your old dusty garage. You can freshen up its looks and make it still fun to drive even if it’s already old. Auto Parts Deal has a great variety of stylish and high quality exterior auto parts for the Dodge Omni including Dodge tailgates, Dodge fog lights, Dodge grill, chrome or silver Dodge grille guard and Dodge headlights.

Aside from enhancing the way your car looks, auto lights and the mirrors are important to your safety so adding them to your car can reduce risks of meeting accidents. Some of these auto parts did not come to your auto as standard equipments so you need to get them from trusted Dodge auto parts dealer like Auto Parts Deal.

Interior Upgrade

The car’s interior becomes your temporary home while you are on a long trip or even just a short drive. Keeping it clean and comfortable is a must so you can always have an enjoyable ride. Among the things that you often neglect in upgrading your car are the carpets and the floor mats. These car accessories are very important too as they protect the floor panel from getting stained, scratched or wet. They also prevent corrosion or formation of rust as well.

Keeping your old Dodge Omni or any old vehicle clean and looking good does not only reduce stress level while driving but it can also increase your car’s resale value. Furthermore, continuously upgrading your exterior and interior Dodge Omni parts can help you prolong the life of your car while you save from future repair expenses. steve stratis

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