Reliable Refrigerators Designed for Families on the Go

Reliable Refrigerators Designed for Families on the Go
Norcold refrigerators are built to improve mobile living by making it easier and more enjoyable for RVers to enjoy their travels. The company has been manufacturing RV gas/electric absorption refrigerators in the United States since 1959 and is now recognized as a world leader in bringing bold product innovations to the recreational vehicle industry. These refrigerators are quiet and dependable, offering superior flexibility in shelf placement and a user-friendly experience for the whole family.

The NR 751BB is an AC/DC fridge that can operate on either LP or 120V AC power. The refrigerator has a 2.7 cubic foot capacity and is designed to be compact, energy efficient, and quiet. This unit features an exceptionally-quiet hermetically sealed Danfoss compressor that is dependable even in higher ambient temperatures and without disturbing noise. It has an interior lighting system, closing freezer door, flush or proud mounting, and automatic changeover from DC to AC power.

In addition, the NR 751BB is energy-efficient with a standby mode and night mode that reduces fan speed and run time to conserve battery power. It also has an insulated floor and white powder-coated cabinet for durability.

This refrigerator will work great in any trailer, fifth wheel or van. You will love having the ability to save money by avoiding the high cost of snacks, drinks and “filler” meals at restaurants on the road. With this fridge, you can keep ingredients on hand to prepare your own food at a fraction of the cost. norcold camper ac

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