Ramadan Sorters Riyadh

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan is well under way, but this year it looks different from past ones. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many Islamic mosques are empty and people are encouraged to pray at home or join a local community gathering instead.

A Muslim woman covers her head as she recite prayers before sunset at the Noor Ul Islam Mosque in Bury, England, on April 25. Many Muslims are trying to practice social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus.

As the holy month draws to a close, DW takes a look at some of our favorite places to eat iftar in Riyadh, from traditional tents and surprising suppers to restaurants that specialize in everything from gastronomic fare to Middle Eastern cuisine.

Middle Eastern couple in traditional abayas and headscarve sitting on sofa at family home eating traditional communal dishes during Eid-Ul-Fitr holiday.

After stealing Riyadh’s dining scene by storm with its opulent interiors and imaginative Cantonese cuisine, Hakkasan is set to offer an exclusive iftar menu for the holy month of Ramadan. Available from March 22 until April 21, 2023, the special menu allows guests to indulge in a showcase of some of Hakkasan’s most sought-after dishes in the luxurious and immersive setting of Bujairi Terrace at Hakkasan Riyadh. To make a reservation, click here. مفرزنات رمضان الرياض

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