Pilates in Wollongong

Pilates is a highly effective form of exercise to improve core strength and body awareness. Correctly performed Pilates can also reduce back pain and neck and shoulder tension. Our Physiotherapists at Phytness HealthCare are highly trained in Clinical Pilates which is a technique prescribed by a physiotherapist and designed for individual clients, based on their full clinic assessment. Clinical Pilates is often more effective than traditional physiotherapy and can assist in achieving better results in a shorter timeframe.

KX Pilates Wollongong is a beautiful studio, offering Pilates in the heart of Wollongong CBD. With a focus on small, continuous improvement (kaizen) their classes are progressive and challenging. Their instructors are all studio Pilates trained and internationally qualified in matwork pilates. They use modern equipment which includes trapeze tables, reformer beds, Wunda chairs and a variety of fun toys such as foam rollers, pilates balls and bosu balls.

If you are looking for something a bit more intense, they also offer Barre Attack classes! These classes are high-intensity workouts that combine elements from Pilates, dance and fitness. With upbeat music you can expect to work up a sweat while strengthening your entire body. Their classes also include cardio and stretch sections. For beginners, they recommend starting with a beginner class to get an idea of how the class works.

Another option is Younga Yoga which offers Vinyasa Flow classes, which are great for increasing flexibility and building strength. They are suitable for all levels of fitness and have an emphasis on breath work and mindfulness. Their instructors are all experienced and are happy to assist newcomers.

Reset Pilates also offer outdoor matwork pilates classes at East Corrimal Beach. Their Physiotherapist-led classes are specifically designed for those experiencing back pain, neck and shoulder tension and/or those wanting to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Classes are kept to a maximum of 5 participants in order for each client to receive tailored attention and guidance.

The Wellness Centre Wollongong has a range of group and private classes to suit all fitness needs. They also have a pre-natal and post natal Pilates program which is designed to safely return your body to its pre-pregnancy shape, enhance your movement and strengthen your core. They also have a Mindful Movement approach to their classes which promotes body awareness.

If you would like to book a Clinical Pilates class with one of our Physiotherapists at Phytness, please contact us. We will arrange a one-on-one consultation to assess your condition and formulate an individual treatment plan that is right for you. If you are covered under Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care program, your consultation can be claimed as a physiotherapy rebate. If you are not eligible for Medicare rebates, our Physiotherapists will discuss alternative funding options to suit your budget and lifestyle. We make booking treatments simple with online appointments at your fingertips. pilates in wollongong

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