Paper Quilling Art – Artists Are Reimagining the Age-Old Craft

Paper quilling is an ancient hand crafting art that involves a process of rolling and shaping strips of paper into shapes, which can be glued together to create elaborate designs. Known by many other names such as filigree, mosaic and paper lace, this technique is reminiscent of metal filigree work that was used in jewelry and other decorative objects, but with the added benefit of being cheaper to make.

Artists such as Yulia Brodskaya are transforming this traditional art form into wondrous creations. Her approach to the practice is unique, as she applies a mixture of bright colors and angular arrangements to depict human figures, natural elements, and where the two intersect. She also uses the direction of her paper coils to mimic the movement of a paint stroke, as is evident in her piece that imitates Van Gogh’s Irises.

Whether you’re creating a small adorable greeting card or a picture wall-hanging, the possibilities are endless for this creative and soothing craft. To get started, you’ll need a few basic tools and supplies. It’s helpful to use a quilling board, which will help keep your rolled shapes in place so they don’t unfurl while the glue dries. You can purchase these boards, or make a DIY one from a thin sheet of styrofoam or corkboard and sewing pins. It’s also important to have scissors nearby, which you’ll need to cut your paper shorter for smaller shapes or remove loose ends. Tweezers are optional, but can be helpful for precise placement of tiny pieces. Paper Quilling Art

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