Oribe Hair Products

Whether you’re after that supermodel blowout look, voluminous curls or a subtle beach wave, there are oribe hair products to help you nail the ‘do. Created in 2008, the brand fuses craftsmanship and decades of styling experience from the salon and editorial worlds. The result: luxe hair products that yield stunning results.

Infused with natural oils and extracts, Oribe hair products offer a deluxe feel with noticeable, lasting effects. With a range that includes everything from shampoos to hairspray, this high-performance line is free of sulfates and parabens. It’s also gluten free, keratin treatment safe and color-safe, with UV protection built into many formulas.

It’s no wonder the brand is beloved by celebrities, cutting-edge fashion editors and beauty insiders. Oribe is like Chanel among the handbags or Hermes among scarves, the go-to hairstylist of choice for half of Hollywood and the world’s top fashion photographers. That’s because Oribe hair maestro Oribe Canales has a 30-year heritage of beauty excellence, a prestigious client list that includes Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson and Gigi Hadid.

Oribe shampoos cleanse with a touch of luxury, leaving the locks soft and supple. Fortified with Oribe’s signature complex (a blend of ginger root extract, edelweiss flower and watermelon extract), they help prevent breakage, damage and dehydration while protecting from sun-damaging rays.

The brand’s conditioners nourish and hydrate, sealing in moisture to improve shine, manageability and flexibility. They’re gentle on the scalp and leave strands feeling soft, supple and beautifully healthy.

Hairspray, gels, lotions and other styling products are available to meet any need, from smoothing frizz to adding volume. With a range of textures and styles in mind, Oribe products are created by master chemists and designed to work with all hair types, including fine or dry strands. Unlike other brands that hire one chemist to make every product, Oribe finds the best chemists for each individual hair-care product.

The result: a lineup that includes the best hair spray for blonde hair, hair serums that tame flyaways and a silky-soft curl jelley to tame frizz-prone strands. There’s even a dry texturizing spray for a subtle, invisible finish that adds grip to your style without looking stiff.

To see the Oribe difference for yourself, shop the full selection of hair products online or visit a local Oribe salon. The salons are expertly trained to know the best Oribe shampoo for your hair type and texture, and to show you how to get the most out of each product. With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, Oribe customers clearly love the quality and results of the brand’s luxurious products.

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