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SHOPPERS have been scrambling to get their hands on MK bags in uk after one savvy shopper walked away with an epic freebie. Facebook user Plamena Daneva shared a picture of her bargain find in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group. The large shopper bag features a thick cross body strap, and is finished in a rich pebbled leather.

To spot a real MK product, look for a label with a gold monogram and matching color stitching. Beware of fakes, which use surface dying and a different color stitching. The MK logo should also be a contrasting color.

Michael Kors is a name that oozes classic American style with a touch of glamour. From preppy-with-a-twist outfits to laid-back leisurewear, this designer label has a style for every occasion. But these luxe, elegant pieces don’t come cheap, and the brand’s best-selling purses can often take a substantial chunk out of your wallet. Luckily, bargain-hunting fashionistas can now score some of the label’s most iconic bags for less than $70 when they shop Michael Kors during its Sale Away event.

The Michael Kors Signature Tote is a classic handbag that’s made to withstand years of everyday wear and jet-set travel. Its sturdy body is crafted from a premium quality, logo embossed PVC material. Also known as polyvinyl chloride, this durable fabric has a soft and silky finish with the look of leather but is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to animal skin. The tote also boasts a fully lined interior, silver-tone hardware and two leather handles.

Authenticity is easy to spot when shopping for a Michael Kors bag, but it’s important to know how to tell the difference between an original and a knockoff. One telltale sign is that an original’s handle hardware features a squared edge with rounded corners while fakes have a more circular shape. Moreover, the joints of genuine bags have a hefty feel to them, while fakes are lighter and flimsier. In addition, the stitching underneath the handle hardware should be even and perfectly proportioned. Fake bags tend to have sloppily executed stitching, which can cause the handles to become frayed or worn out over time.

A shopper can also verify the authenticity of her new Michael Kors bag by inspecting the zipper and strap details. An original’s zipper will not gap when opened or closed, and the shoulder straps are sewn onto the bag’s body with neat and precise stitches. Fake bags usually have loops that tuck into the seam, while true Michael Kors bags feature a strap that extends straight across the bag’s body.

In terms of lining materials, original Michael Kors bags use Saffiano leather, which is a textured calfskin with a fine crisscross pattern pressed on it. Knockoffs usually use a darker, more heavily shaded material that can appear heavy and stiff compared to the sleek, flexible texture of an original. In addition, knockoff logo prints tend to rustle and crease more than authentic ones.

The American luxury label Michael Kors was founded by fashion designer Michael Kors in 1981 and has since risen to prominence for its ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories. Today, the company has a presence in over 95 countries worldwide and is a favorite among celebrities, fashion editors and stylish everyday women. The brand’s signature Michael Kors bags have quickly gained popularity for their polished and timeless styles. They range from sleek handbags to practical crossbody styles. With a range of sizes, colors and styles to suit all occasions, these chic accessories can be the perfect finishing touches to any wardrobe. MK bags in uk

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