Lilo and Stitch Clothings Review

Stitch has long been a staple of the Disney television lineup, mainly in Japan where a hefty percentage of all Stitch merchandise comes from. But like anything, there’s only so much time before your popularity fades out and the next big thing takes over. And while the series never really rises to the level of the films, it certainly does a good job keeping the audience entertained with new situations for Lilo and Stitch to get into and overcome.

The animation is still great with its beautiful water color backgrounds of remote tropical locations blending nicely with intergalactic science fiction settings. And the characters remain interesting with Stitch’s lovable personality and Nani’s fiery temper to be balanced out by a well rounded cast of supporting actors.

Despite its PG rating, Lilo and Stitch does feature some very mild violence and off-color humor. The episodes are often filled with action as Stitch tries to hunt down other experiments and find a place where he belongs. This includes being run down by cars, dragged beneath the sea, and blown to bits in space battles.

This is a very fun and entertaining show for the whole family. It doesn’t try to be as big and grand as the movies and it does a fine job of exploring some pretty serious themes, including finding your own family through whatever life throws at you. And the slapstick and off-color humor makes it a very enjoyable and likable show. Lilo and Stitch Clothings

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