Is Pt Online For You?

Online training is a great option for people who want expert guidance from a qualified trainer without having to attend sessions in person. However, like any service it’s worth weighing up the pros and cons before deciding whether it’s for you.

Pt Online
As the name suggests, an online personal trainer works remotely with their clients – usually via video call, although some use apps or email for communication and check-ins. How exactly they do this varies, but in most cases they will set their client a bespoke training programme which they can carry out at home, or in a gym if they have equipment. They will then monitor their clients’ progress by either completing a PAR-Q with them or holding regular, structured video calls with them to ensure they are on track.

Most online PTs will also give their clients a personalised nutrition programme to go alongside the exercise regime. This is usually based on a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification, but some will further their knowledge by taking a Level 4 nutrition course which gives them the ability to help their clients take a more scientific approach to their eating habits and turbocharge their results.

They will often ask their clients to share as much or as little information with them as they want – from tracking their calories to recording their sleep patterns. This allows them to get an accurate picture of their client’s performance and make adjustments if necessary. Pt Online

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