How to Properly Prepare Your Magnetic Signs for Vehicles

Magnetic signs are a cost-effective, flexible marketing tool for many small businesses. They can be easily removed and repositioned to accommodate new promotions or messages. They are also weather-resistant, allowing them to stand up to the elements. This makes them an ideal option for businesses that have frequent interaction with the public.

The key to using magnetic signs effectively lies in the preparation and care of both the sign itself and the vehicle surface to which it is attached. To maximize the life of your magnetic sign, it is important to clean it regularly and store it flat when not in use. The surface of the vehicle to which the sign is applied should be free of paint, trim, moldings, dents, or scratches, and should be dry before applying the magnet. It is also recommended that the magnet and the surface to which it is applied be allowed to acclimate to room temperature before application.

Some surfaces, even steel vehicles, are not magnetic receptive. If a vehicle has had body work done and there is bondo in the doors, it will not allow magnetic signage to stick to it. Likewise, some plastic body fillers in newer cars are not metal and will not accept magnetic signage.

Generally, however, most steel-based vehicles are magnetic receptive. If you are unsure about the metal content of your vehicle, test it with a refrigerator magnet before ordering magnetic signage for it. The more magnet content a sheet of EnduraMAG has, the stronger its pull strength will be. magnetic signs

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