How to Order Flowers Online

Whether you’re shopping for a romantic partner or a friend who needs cheering up, flowers make an excellent gift. The decorative blooms have been a time-honored symbol of joy, appreciation, gratitude, and love for thousands of years. If you’re planning to order florals online, it’s important to know what to look for. Many bouquets don’t look as attractive as they do in their online photos, and they can quickly wilt or wither upon arrival. That said, there are ways to avoid disappointment and get the most bang for your buck.

Start by identifying your recipient’s preferences. For example, does she like bright colors — reds, yellows and blues — or does she prefer soft pastels? Think about what she wears, what her home decor looks like and any other cues you might have. Once you’ve determined her style, you can narrow down your options based on color, flower type and arrangement size.

The website for 1-800-Flowers offers a lot of variety, including a robust selection of bouquets that qualify for same-day delivery. Its design tool allows shoppers to select their intended recipient, occasion and the meaning they wish to convey and generates recommendations that match. The site also features a wide array of floral gifts that would be appropriate for any occasion, including plants and fruit baskets.

The company specializes in offering a large variety of flowers and gifts that are delivered from local florists in the recipients’ area. That way, you can avoid paying extra fees to a middleman and have more control over the quality of your bouquet. The company’s site is easy to navigate and the customer service department is available via phone or chat. Order Flowers

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