How to Manage Your Utility Bill Effectively As a Landlord

When it comes to property management, utility bills get a bad rap. They’re typically filed under the “uncontrollable, take-it or leave-it costs of doing business.” But the global energy crisis is driving a newfound urgency for utilities managers to optimize their facilities and reduce waste.

From implementing a ratio utility billing system to utilizing energy-saving measures, these strategies will help you manage your utility expenses effectively as a landlord.

Using an equipment monitoring system increases return on investment (ROI)
When you’re managing a campus or university, the challenges are numerous. Between lecture halls, student accommodation and retail outlets, it can be difficult to keep track of the utilities that are consumed within each facility. This makes identifying which areas are using the most energy a challenge, and it’s one that can be easily avoided with the use of a utility management software solution.

The role of the utilities manager
The responsibilities of a utilities manager encompass many areas, but they focus on ensuring there are adequate supplies of water and power to meet demand while also protecting the environment. They collaborate with government and private organizations during emergency situations such as natural disasters that can knock entire communities off the grid.

In addition to ensuring that all assets are maintained properly, the job of the utilities manager includes negotiating contracts and tariffs to ensure the most competitive pricing for their customers. As such, this role requires a good understanding of economics and the ability to identify and address market trends. Using the right tools, such as an energy management platform, can help your organization save on its utilities bill while keeping up with the competition. utility management

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