How to Get Medical Marijuana

If you have a medical condition and suffer from chronic symptoms that impact your daily life, talk to your primary care doctor about trying medical marijuana. It may help ease the pain from nerve damage and other conditions like cancer and AIDS. It can also alleviate nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy and other treatments. It can even stimulate appetite in people who are losing weight due to AIDS and other diseases.

The medical marijuana process varies by state, but it generally starts with a visit to your doctor. The doctor will determine if you have one of the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana recommendation in your state. Some states have a list of conditions, while others allow doctors to certify patients with any condition. Once your doctor approves you, the next step is to register with the state’s medical marijuana program. This will usually involve setting up an account where you can upload your doctor’s recommendation and any other documents the state may require.

Getting a New York medical marijuana evaluation used to be a lengthy and difficult process. But thanks to telemedicine providers, it’s now a lot easier. NuggMD, the nation’s leading telemedicine provider for medical cannabis evaluations, recently expanded its service to New York. NuggMD’s highly experienced doctors will listen to your needs and give you their honest opinion about whether they think medical cannabis will improve your quality of life. And their online appointment process is easy and quick. And you’re only billed if you get approved! how to get medical marijuana

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