How to Get Accurate Local Moving Quotes

When you’re planning a move, it’s important to get accurate estimates for your local moving costs. Getting an estimate from a professional moving company can help you make the best decision about the type of service you need and how much it will cost. Several factors affect local moving quotes, including the number of boxes and items to be moved, how far the move is, and whether stairs are involved at either the initial move site or the destination home. The day of the week and the time of year also impact moving costs, with weekend moves resulting in higher charges than moves during the week.

Full-service moving companies offer a complete package of services, and their local moving quotes are typically based on the total number of items to be moved. In many cases, these movers will request an in-home inspection of the property before providing a quote, so they can get a better idea of what is to be moved and how it’s arranged within the house. This type of in-person quote is also helpful for finding out whether there are any items that might be able to be disassembled or broken down to save space on the truck.

Most moving companies charge by the hour, with a base rate plus a per-hour labor fee. Some movers may charge mileage fees as well, and these can vary widely. In general, the distance to be moved will affect travel costs, with moves across the country generally costing more than those in a city. The time of the year can also influence travel costs, with a move during the summer often costing more than one in the winter.

Some local movers will provide an estimate based on the volume of items being moved, which is usually calculated in cubic feet. It can be easy for a moving company to overcharge you using this method, so make sure to ask how your local moving quote is determined and only hire those that use a more transparent pricing structure.

If you’re looking for a local mover, be sure to gather quotes from at least three different companies. This will give you context for the prices being quoted and allow you to spot any red flags, like a price that’s drastically higher or lower than what competitors are offering. In addition, always check a mover’s credentials before hiring them. A reputable company will be licensed and insured, and it should have a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number, which you can check on the DOT website to determine the mover’s history and complaint history. Also, check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if you have any coverage that can be used in the event of damages during a move. If you don’t, consider purchasing a separate policy. This can be relatively inexpensive and will protect you in the event of an accident during a move. The extra expense is worth it for the peace of mind it provides. local moving quotes

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