How to Evaluate a Moving Company

A umzugsunternehmen provides customers with a service to transport their belongings

from one location to another. The company typically works with an experienced

team of employees to pack, transport and unpack boxes and furniture. Some

companies also offer additional services, such as junk removal and cleaning.

Customers should look for a moving company that has excellent customer reviews

and is licensed and insured. They should also avoid companies that have a history of

poor customer service or unethical business practices.

Full-service movers calculate their prices based on weight, volume and the size of

the items being moved. They may charge extra for items that require more packing

material, specialized equipment or care than others. They also might charge extra

for moving in peak seasons, such as weekends or holidays.

Self-service movers use trailers or shipping containers to transport their belongings.

They buy or rent truck space that is large enough to carry the items, and they

purchase or borrow moving materials, such as boxes, paper, tape and bubble wrap.

They may also need special equipment, such as dollies and cargo straps to help with

heavy lifting and protecting fragile items.

The most important thing a potential mover can do is check the company’s track

record and licensing information before hiring them. Customers should also ask for

referrals from friends and neighbors who have used a moving company in the past.

They should also read online reviews of the company to get a well-rounded picture of

the experience.

Customers should avoid companies that have a high number of complaints with the

Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection agencies. The Better Business

Bureau receives thousands of complaints about moving companies each year, and

some are very serious. Some include fraudulent activity such as price gouging and

holding property hostage for ransom. Other common complaints involve damaged or

lost goods, delays and unprofessional conduct.

Moving companies should always have liability insurance and workers’

compensation for their employees. The insurance protects the company in case an

employee is injured on the job, and it should also cover damage to the customer’s

belongings. Customers should ask the moving company to provide proof of this

insurance before they sign a contract.

When evaluating a moving company, customers should consider the size of their

household, the date they are moving and any special items. The larger the home

and the more expensive the items, the more time a move will take. It is also a good

idea to hire a moving company that has plenty of experience and is accredited by

the Better Business Bureau.

A professional moving company should be able to answer any questions about their

services and provide a written estimate. They should also be willing to discuss a

refund policy in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. A reputable moving

company will always try to make things right. Customers should always be prepared

for unexpected problems, however, and be flexible with the schedule if possible.

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