How to Choose the Best Employee Communication Apps for Your Business

Designed to improve productivity and teamwork across remote and in-house locations, employee communication apps offer multiple features that support real-time collaboration, group messaging, audio and video calls, and archiving for files. The best ec tools are flexible and customizable to match the unique needs of your organization and can seamlessly integrate with your existing productivity and workforce management systems. Evaluate each app’s UI to ensure it prioritizes user accessibility and appeals to different departments, levels of experience, and preferred communication channels. Then, determine the size of your workforce and choose an app that can accommodate your team size without overstretching your budget.

Slack is an effective employee communication app for teams of all sizes. Its chatrooms are used for organizing project teams and discussions, and it allows instant messaging and direct messages between employees. It also has integrations for other workplace tools like Microsoft Outlook and Google Drive. The platform also offers various customization options and a variety of add-ons for enhanced functionality.

Guru is a knowledge management system that helps streamline information sharing by adding context to conversations in your favorite team communication apps like Slack, MS Teams, and Gmail. Users can create “cards” that contain relevant articles or information, and then share these cards during a Slack conversation. Each card can be assigned a verifier, which is an expert in the topic, to ensure only trustworthy and accurate information is shared within your team.

Workyard is an all-in-one employee communication app for construction and field service companies that improves labor productivity and enables two-way communication between managers, supervisors, and crew members on the jobsite. Its scheduling features include calendar based scheduling and mobile apps that display the latest updates for your entire crew, while its task management tool includes checklists, notes, photos, and 2-way communication threads to ensure your crew always has the latest instructions.

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