How to Choose a Fire Fighting Water Pump

Fire Fighting Water Pump

Whether you own a large farm with barns and crops or live far away from the nearest fire station, it’s always a good idea to have some firefighting equipment at hand in case of emergencies. A fire pump and hoses can save lives and minimize property damage while you wait for the firefighters to arrive. Portable fire pumps allow you to get water to the area quickly and efficiently by pumping high pressure water at the scene. These pumps are usually centrifugal with either diesel or gasoline engines. There are also backpack fire pumps for smaller emergencies.

When you’re looking for a fire pump, it’s important to pay attention to its PSI and GPM ratings. The PSI rating indicates how much pressure the pump can produce and the GPM tells you how many gallons it can pump out per minute. These two numbers are closely related and can impact how well the pump performs. For example, a pump with a higher maximum head will likely have a lower GPM rating than one with a lower maximum head, as the extra pressure from the high maximum head takes more energy to move the water.

The GPM number is also affected by the diameter of the inlet and discharge ports on the pump. A larger inlet and outlet size will allow the pump to pump more water faster, but this can reduce the pressure the pump is capable of producing when shooting water at a fire. For this reason, it’s generally best to choose a pump with a smaller inlet and discharge port diameter.

Another factor to consider is the hose size on your fire pump. The hose size will affect how easy it is to handle and how much water you can transfer. A hose with a diameter of 1″ is ideal for fire fighting as it offers the perfect balance between volume and manageability. The hose will also be more resistant to high pressure than a smaller hose size.

Portable fire fighting pumps are typically diesel or petrol driven and come with either single or twin impellers. They are available with or without a roll cage and either electric or recoil start. The diesel fire fighting pumps are available in both 4-cycle and 2-cycle options. They all feature a genuine Honda motor and 3 year engine warranty as well as 2 years on both the motor and wet end. Fire Fighting Water Pump

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