How to Become a Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists—also known as voice actors or vocal talents—have a variety of skills that allow them to perform audio work for film, TV, advertising, video games and more. They must be comfortable interpreting scripts that are not written specifically for them, and they usually must have a flexible schedule and the ability to travel to studio sessions when necessary.

As with any career, a voiceover artist’s success depends on both their talent and hard work. Some people may have a naturally strong voice or good singing voice and can pursue this type of work, but most must learn the skills through practice and professional feedback. They also must learn how to market themselves and secure recurring gigs (such as the voice of a character on a cartoon show or podcast) that can support their livelihood.

To land a voiceover job, artists typically seek representation from a talent agency. These agents can market their clients to casting directors and provide audition opportunities for them. They can also negotiate the client’s salary when they are hired to perform.

To prepare for a voiceover session, it’s common to record a demo reel that showcases the talent’s range and style. It’s also helpful to take vocal warmups before recording, such as mouthing words, which activates the articulators and helps the voice actor get “level”—meaning that they are reading at the same volume in all parts of their voice. It’s also important for a voiceover actor to know how to improvise. They are often asked to imitate characters in the scripts they receive, and their director will want them to add their own personality to the performance. voiceover artists

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