How Quantum Healing Therapy Can Help

For those suffering from anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or any other physical ailments, quantum healing therapy can help. This is an alternative form of healing that works to re-balance your body by correcting energy imbalances caused by trauma. Often, these imbalances can stem from emotional issues such as PTSD, or even from events that happened in previous lifetimes. During a quantum healing session, your practitioner will access your Akashic Records (aka the energetic memory of your soul) to find the root cause of the problem and heal it on all levels, disrupting the karmic patterns that are perpetuating these issues in your current life.

Quantum healing is based on the idea that you can affect change in your own health by focusing on the positive intentions of your mind. It relies on the force we still can’t quite quantify and requires a belief in a co-creative process, rather than any particular religion.

Chopra is one of the pioneers of quantum healing and has written more than 90 books that focus on how the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit is the key to achieving optimal health and happiness.

While some scientists are skeptical of quantum healing, others have found that certain conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic headaches respond to this type of treatment. And the truth is, if something gives you some relief from pain or stress and doesn’t come with any side effects, then that is surely a good thing.

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