How Much Does a Car Key Replacement Cost?

Car key replacements have come a long way from the days when you could get a standard key cut at your local hardware store. Today, cars are more advanced and require special keys that have computer chips to start. Losing one or misplacing a key may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it can cost you dearly. There are several things that affect how much a car key replacement will cost, including the type of vehicle you have and where it’s located.

If you’re in a hurry to have your key replaced, you might want to consider going with a locksmith rather than a dealership. An auto locksmith will be able to handle the job more quickly and at a lower price than a dealer. Plus, they’ll probably have the tools and equipment to work on a wide variety of vehicles.

Before you call a locksmith, make sure you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This will help the locksmith determine what type of key your vehicle needs. You can usually find the VIN on the dashboard or engine bay of your car. Then, you’ll need to provide the locksmith with some personal information such as your name and address so they can verify that you are the rightful owner.

When a key snaps in your lock or ignition, it may break off into the crevices of the skinny part of the key. This can be difficult to remove and is a good reason why it’s always wise to have a spare key. Fortunately, many locksmiths have key extraction kits that can easily pull out the broken portion of your key without damaging the lock or ignition.

Some locksmiths are also capable of programming replacement keys, but most will need to take the key to a dealership for this step. The dealership will often charge more than the locksmith, but it’s worth it if you don’t have a spare key or are concerned about someone else getting access to your vehicle.

If you need a replacement car key for your older vehicle, you can usually find the key blanks at a hardware store or box store. However, the best option is to have a locksmith create a new key for you. They’ll be able to handle all of your vehicle’s needs and have the equipment to do so in a timely manner. Plus, they’ll be able to handle most types of cars, even ones that aren’t in production anymore. This is particularly important if you drive an old or rare car that’s no longer supported by the dealer. Car key replacement locksmith

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