Handicapped Accessible Showers to Avoid Injuries to Care Givers

One of the hardest parts of taking care of a person with movement difficulties is the fact that the caregiver has to make sure that in every move, the patient is safe and comfortable. Of course, it is impossible to offer utmost comfort when the patient is immobilized.

No matter how careful you are, the patient will always feel the difficulty and tenderness associated by their mobility limitations. At the same time, as the caregiver tries to make the patient at ease, there are times when it is the caregiver who suffers injuries from trying to move patients to and from the bathroom and other parts of the house.

The caregiver may slide or slip on the bathroom floor in his efforts. Good thing, there are portable handicapped accessible bathtubs made for the disabled which allow them to move easily, freely, and independently when they are taking a bath. Showers for the disabled can be easily assembled and removed as needed.

Injuries to Caregivers

A lot of caregivers while taking care of their patients suffer physical stress due to lifting and transferring their loved ones from one place to another. According to statistics, almost 52 percent of caregivers suffer injuries pertaining to their muscles and joints.

Other common injuries include back injuries, injuries to the neck and joints, and exposure to contagious illnesses. One of the reasons for these injuries is due to the improper body mechanics of the caregiver as well as lack of proper training.

Helping the Caregiver

It is important to constantly remind the caregivers to practice safety always, not only for the sake of their patients but also for their safety. In professional care giving services, train all employees to ask for assistance when they feel that they cannot lift the patient.

Also, if the patient is under professional care, rotating of staff must be implemented. For those who are taking care of their sick family member, take some time off to relieve pressure on yourself. Those who are pressured to perform their jobs are said to be the ones who are likely to take short cuts when caring for patients.

In the bathroom, arrange the furniture so that there is smooth traffic flow. Also, place the cords of telephones and electric equipment together to minimize slip-and-fall hazards. If there are spills on the floor, clean the spills immediately.

Line the bathroom floors with non-slip floor mats. Install handicapped accessible bathtubs or showers for the disabled to make bathing easier. These types of portable baths are already assembled there is no requirement of hammering or any other hard labor when putting them together.

When it comes to care giving, it is important to be careful not only when dealing with the patient. The caregiver must also observe proper procedures in order to maintain their safety as well. Undergoing training, if needed, must be done. how to find a caregiver for elderly

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