Ghost Mannequin Services

A ghost mannequin is an invisible body used in clothing photography. It is a great option for online clothing businesses, as it gives consumers an idea of how the garment would look on them. This can help them make a purchasing decision much more quickly. It can also help avoid costly mistakes and save money by reducing the number of returned items.

A mannequin is useful for showing off the details of an item, such as buttons or pockets. It can also highlight the shape of the clothes and provide a more realistic view of the item. However, using a mannequin can be difficult for photographers because it requires special lighting and props to ensure the best results. It can also be expensive, especially if you need to rent a mannequin for every photoshoot.

In addition, a mannequin can be distracting for the viewer of an image and can take away from the focus of the product. This can be an issue for e-commerce businesses, as customers are looking to purchase the product quickly and efficiently. Ghost mannequin services can help reduce the need for models and mannequins, allowing businesses to save time and money on photoshoots and post-production.

Unlike traditional flat-lay photos, which have a messy background and do not capture the entire design of an outfit, ghost mannequin images are more realistic and attractive to buyers. They allow shoppers to visualize themselves wearing the apparel they are buying, boosting their confidence in making a purchase. Additionally, ghost mannequin services are great for keeping consistency in clothing thumbnails when a business does not have enough real-life models for each photograph.

When it comes to retouching images that have a mannequin, the most important thing is to remove the mannequin without damaging the fabric or distorting the shape of the garment. This can be done by using various tools in Photoshop, such as clipping paths and layered lock-in. It is crucial to choose a service provider that has the right experience and expertise in this area.

PixelPhant is an expert studio and eCommerce image editing service that specializes in a variety of digital services, including ghost mannequin services. Its retouchers use advanced tools and techniques to merge multiple photos into one and create a seamless image for each fashion article. The service provides a quick turnaround, ensuring that the final images are ready to be published on the e-commerce website in as little as 15 hours.

ghost mannequin services

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