GE Appliances Customer Service

GE Appliances offers a variety of appliances including refrigerators (bottom freezers, top freezers, wine hillers), cooking products, microwaves and dishwashers. It also offers a wide range of appliance parts and repair services.

GE Appliances is committed to “zero distance” between itself and its owners. It’s an approach to customer service that has allowed it to swap transactional experiences for ones that build owner trust.

Customer Service

When you purchase GE appliances, they usually come with a warranty registration card. This card gives the company contact information so it can send you service alerts or recall notices when necessary.

Consumers who call GE Appliances Customer Service appear to be pleased with the responses they receive. The company’s representatives can resolve many issues, including answering questions about products and orders, providing technical support and troubleshooting, investigating billing problems, and scheduling service under product warranties.

The company is recalling 71 models of their freezer drawers because the handles can detach from the mounting fasteners. Customers should check the serial number of their freezer and contact GE Appliances Customer Service for instructions on receiving a free repair. The company also offers a wide variety of kitchen appliances, laundry machines, and more. The GE Profile line of smart home appliances makes household chores easier with features like the SmartHQ app, which allows users to control their appliances from anywhere with an internet connection.


GE Appliances customer service representatives can help with a variety of issues. They can resolve questions about products, investigate billing problems and schedule service under product warranties. Representatives are available to answer calls Monday through Friday and even on some weekends. They can also offer a live web chat option. However, not all consumers are satisfied with their phone-based experience.

GE’s warranty policies vary significantly from product to product. Some have limited one-year warranties, while others have nine-year warranties. Dishwashers, for example, have four different warranty categories, each of which covers racks, the control board and tubs for varying lengths of time.

Those who want to save money on repair bills can purchase an extended warranty from GE. These plans typically cost more than homeowners insurance, but they are less expensive than paying for out-of-pocket repairs. Many companies sell GE extended warranties, including Assurant and Choice Home Warranty. They may be offered as a supplement to the manufacturer’s warranty or separately.


Whether it’s a leaky refrigerator, smoking oven or clogged dishwasher, unexpected appliance issues can disrupt your family’s daily routine. Get back on track sooner with expert repair services from GE Appliances. Our certified technicians are well-equipped to diagnose and resolve your appliance problem—often in a single visit*.

GE Appliances offers several different ways to connect with the help you need, including live online and phone support. When calling, be prepared to provide your account information and product model or serial number. Have relevant documents, such as invoices, order numbers and billing statements handy, and be ready to explain your concerns and describe the symptoms you’re experiencing. In most cases, a GE Appliances customer service representative can resolve questions about products and orders, offer technical support or troubleshooting, investigate billing issues and schedule repair under product warranties. They can also help you return or exchange a product.


GE Appliances offers a wide range of connected appliances for the home. From refrigerators to washers, dryers and smart dispense appliances, you can find everything you need under the recognizable GE logo. But, when things go wrong with your appliances, finding the right spare parts can be a challenge.

Whether you need a replacement ice maker for your freezer, an oven repair kit for your stove or a new water heater element for your hot water dispenser, GE has the replacement parts you need to get your home back to normal. With a vast inventory, you can find a variety of original GE parts to keep your appliances running smoothly.

GE makes kitchen chores easier with refrigerators, dishwashers and washers that will keep you fed and clean. With genuine GE refrigerator parts, your kitchen appliances will stay in peak condition for years to come. GE also makes laundry products, including washer pumps and dryer attachments, as well as window air conditioner units and heaters. GE Appliances Customer Service

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