Fun Ice Breaker Questions to Get Your Team in a Good Mood

The best team building icebreaker questions help teams get to know each other better and break down those awkward social barriers. The more comfortable and connected people feel at work, the more productive, creative and confident they will be. This is why it’s important to choose fun icebreakers that are inclusive, allow for self-expression, and don’t have any right or wrong answers.

These funny icebreaker questions can be used in a variety of ways: They can be used to introduce new employees at a company training or to start a video conference call with remote workers. They can also be used to create a positive atmosphere during company meetings or employee events.

Whether they’re about a guilty pleasure, a lifelong dream, or an all-time favorite movie, these icebreakers will definitely have your team laughing! If you’re looking to get your colleagues at the office in a good mood, try asking them one of these fun questions:

This icebreaker requires participants to form a circle and close their eyes. Then, they must link hands with someone else in the circle, and without breaking the chain, reveal what their lives would look like if mapped out as a road map. The first person to share their answer will draw a stop sign, the second person will draw a deer crossing, etc. Then, the host can prompt each question and name who goes next to remove any anxiety for those who might be uncomfortable sharing their answers in a public setting. fun ice breaker questions

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