Flat Head Screws

Flat Head Screws
The flat head of this type of screw sits flush with the surface of wood when fastened, giving the finished product a clean and polished finish. The threads of this screw are designed to grip wood firmly, providing a strong hold that is suitable for a variety of tasks. These screws are ideal for furniture assembly and cabinetry work.

They can be used with a range of drives, including Phillips, slotted and six-lobe drive. When working with a screw of this type, it is important to use the correct drive for the job at hand. If the wrong driver is used, it could cause the head to slip or strip the screw.

This type of screw can be fitted with a plastic screw cap to hide the head when not in use (not all drive types will accept this). Screw covers are available in a number of different standard colors to match common plastic laminates and wood species. This type of screw can also be used with a countersunk head to create a flush look in the material when the screw is installed.

This type of screw is available in a number of lengths to suit varying applications, from short screws for light-duty projects to longer screws for heavier duty jobs. Depending on the application, this fastener can be fitted with either a wood or metal insert to add strength and stability to the joint. When using this type of screw, it is important to read the Fastener Selection Chart carefully to ensure that the correct size is selected for the job at hand. Flat Head Screws

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