Finding a Caregiver Agency Near Me

Providing home care services for an elderly loved one can be a lifeline for families. Studies show that people needing help at home are healthier and happier in familiar environments, where they thrive. But how do you find the right caregiver? There are many options. The best choice depends on your circumstances, including whether your family member has long-term care insurance or needs government assistance — such as Medicare or Medicaid – to pay for in-home care.

A home care agency can offer you a wide selection of prescreened workers who are familiar with your loved one’s specific condition and your community. Agencies also generally provide backup coverage in case a caregiver has an emergency or gets sick. They can also arrange for faster upgrades if your loved one’s condition or needs change.

On the other hand, private senior home care services can provide you with a more limited range of caregivers, who may not be as familiar with your loved one’s condition or your preferences. They can be less expensive, however. And they can often be more flexible about schedules and negotiating duties.

If you decide to go with an agency, make sure it’s licensed by your state. Ask for a packet of information about their fees and services, and request references. You can ask a representative to visit your home to talk about caregiving options and meet the person for whom you are looking for help. It can be difficult for your loved one to accept a stranger as a caregiver, especially at first. Try to introduce the worker slowly, and be present as you help the caregiver and care receiver build a relationship. caregiver agency near me

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