Dometic RV Cooling Units

If your RV refrigerator isn’t cooling or has that tell-tale smell of ammonia, it may be time to replace the cooling unit. Ozark offers top quality remanufactured Nordic cooling units at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire fridge. Our remanufacturing process uses thicker walls of seamless tubing that won’t crack under thermal stress. Plus, our unique boiler design allows for better circulation to keep the refrigerator charged.

The size of your RV plays a key role in selecting the right air conditioner to meet your needs and ensure optimal comfort. Consider the square footage and layout of your vehicle, climate conditions, insulation, window coverings and personal preferences when making your selection.

Dometic offers a wide variety of high-quality RV rooftop, split, and under-bench air conditioners that can be easily installed in your recreational vehicle to provide dependable cooling throughout outdoor adventures. Choose a model with the appropriate cooling capacity to maintain a comfortable temperature in your RV, and consider features like noise reduction technology and energy efficiency when deciding which one is right for you.

Rooftop air conditioning systems offer easy installation and a compact footprint that saves space. They also feature powerful cooling capacities that can quickly bring the interior temperature to a comfortable level. For added peace of mind, Dometic rooftop air conditioners are designed with advanced noise reduction technology to minimize disturbance while you relax or sleep. Many models also feature energy-efficient operation that optimizes power consumption to extend battery life and reduce energy costs. rv cooling units

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