Dometic Parts and Accessories – The Comforts of Home on Your Travels

Whether you are an RVer or boat owner, Dometic parts and accessories provide you with the comforts of home on your travels. Their wide range of products enhances the RV experience from their portable fridges and ice makers to water heaters, awnings, toilets and generators. Their innovative, high-quality products have been trusted for over 80 years and ensure a quality, comfortable ride on the road or at your destination.

Founded in 1922 on a crazy idea, the young students at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology wanted to create a refrigerator with no moving parts. After much trial and error, they were successful in developing the first modern refrigerator. Since then, Dometic has grown into one of the largest manufacturers in the world, producing a wide variety of RV and camper appliances.

The Dometic Midi-Heki Vent is a popular roof vent that works with many caravans and RVs, including Sprinters. The vent features an acrylic dome with separately adjustable darkening and fly screens for use in various weather conditions and temperatures. It also has a patented double layer foam gasket that is durable and provides superior seals.

When troubleshooting a malfunctioning RV refrigerator, the most important step is to make sure the fridge is plugged in and has power. After that, you should check the fridge setting to make sure it is running correctly. It is also helpful to have a thermometer to keep an eye on the fridge temperature and frost levels. If the freezer has too much frost, the setting is probably too low or there’s a problem with the fridge seal or refrigerant.

A multimeter is another handy tool to have for RV refrigerator troubleshooting. This can be used to test the fridge’s thermocouple and see if it is functioning properly or if there is an electrical issue at the campsite. It can also be used to check the voltage on other components in your motorhome, such as the battery, fuses and water heater.

To keep your Dometic refrigerator running at its best, it is recommended to clean and dry the vent regularly. Using a mild liquid detergent, soft cloth and warm water, you can remove dirt and grime from the vent. You should avoid abrasives and alcohol-based cleaning products, which can damage the vent.

Whether you are taking a weekend trip or are a full-time RVer, having some spare Dometic fridge parts on hand can save you a lot of time and frustration when your refrigerator is not working. By following a few simple tips, you can keep your RV fridge and other appliances in top condition and enjoy your adventures on the road. Be sure to follow all safety precautions when working on your RV refrigerator or other appliances, especially when opening access panels or removing parts. Always wear rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes when handling electrical components to prevent electric shock.

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