Disaster Recovery Connecticut – What Happens Next

disaster recovery connecticut can take many forms. In addition to restoring homes and businesses to pre-disaster condition, this process can also help individuals and families get back their lives. If you’re a victim of a disaster, there are several resources available to you to make the recovery process as easy as possible.

If you’re looking for a Disaster Recovery Company in Connecticut, you’ve come to the right place. DRS is a family-owned company dedicated to helping home and business owners restore their properties after disasters. Our team of restoration experts is on call 24/7, so we can respond quickly when you need us most.

In the days and weeks following a catastrophic event, there is an immediate need for debris removal. This is a critical part of the emergency response and recovery process, and it can help prevent further damage and facilitate community stabilization.

During this phase, the focus is to remove all visible hazards and obstructions on the roadways as soon as they are safe to do so. This is typically done within the first 72 hours after an event, and consists of “pushing” debris along major roads to right-of-way shoulders that would hinder life-saving actions or pose an immediate threat to public safety.

During this phase, local government and volunteers work together to clean up and clear debris from impacted areas. This includes removing trees and other items that have fallen into roadways, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. It also includes restoring and repairing bridges and removing debris from flooded buildings.

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