Digital and Offset Printing: The Types of Processes Local Commercial Printers Offer

Planning to print materials for your marketing campaign in the San Antonio area? Well, finding the right professional printer depending on your requirements is an important consideration. But it is just one of the things that you should think about. You may have found the best San Antonio local commercial printing company, but there are other things that you need to understand, such as the different types of printing process and the varying benefits that each offers.

Digital printing is process in which a file is transferred from a personal computer or any other digital storage gadget to a printing substrate through the use of a device that processes text and graphic production. The information is then converted to binary code or become “digitized” for easy storage and reproduction. The printing you can do with your own color laser printer is a simple example of digital printing

Digital printing can provide the following benefits:

• Fast printing – Digital printing is very efficient and takes a shorter amount of time to get a print job done. • Lower cost for small print runs – Ideal for low volume printing, digital printing provides lower per unit costs for print runs of not over a couple of hundred. Unlike with offset printing, this process can help you save on the cost of films and the color proofs setup. Digital printing is more cost-effective when it comes to short runs and custom projects. It is also best for one time projects or if you are expecting to make some changes on an ongoing one.

• Customizable printing – With digital printing, you are using data from an external or database file so you editing the graphics and texts is possible even at the last minute without the need to stop the press.

As for offset printing, this is the process that is most commonly used by local commercial printing services. This method is ideal for printing business cards, brochures, postcards, and other popular printed marketing materials. Traditional San Antonio local commercial printing companies provide this method because of the following advantages:

• High quality printing – Offset printing process prints PMS colors smoother and produces solid screen tints better than digital printing. Digital printing only simulates color through a four-color matching technique, so digital printers may likely provide less precise color matches.

• Flexible – With offset printing, you can work on a wide array of printing surfaces, such as paper, metal wood, cloth, leather, and plastic.

• Lower cost for high volume print runs – The cost of printing per unit goes down as the quantity is increased. Meaning, the more copies you print, the lower your expenses. custom screen printing apparel

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