Choosing the Right Conservatory For Your Home

Conservatories are one of the best ways to add value and space to your home, giving you a place to relax or entertain. They are ideal for growing plants, but they also serve as a perfect dining and sitting room. The best part is, you can enjoy your new space in all seasons. There are many different styles of conservatory available, and choosing the right one is essential for your home.

The Lean-To Conservatory

A lean-to conservatory is a simple addition to your home, and is often the most affordable option. It is usually placed against your longest rectangular wall, making it a direct extension of your existing property. This design has a flat roof that slopes down at the sides, allowing lots of light in to create a spacious sunroom.

These are great for bungalows and terraced houses, as they can be installed with a shallow pitch that will fit under the eaves of a bungalow or with a steeper roof for a larger terraced house. The Victorian Conservatory

Victorian conservatories are some of the most popular styles of conservatory we offer, and for good reason. These are more decorative than other styles, and feature a three- or five-facetted design to catch the sunlight. The cost of these types of conservatories is usually between PS11,000 and PS25,000, depending on how complex the design is and what sort of features you opt for.


An orangery is a more luxurious and high-end version of a conservatory, and it’s often used for citrus trees or to act as a greenhouse for indoor plants. They are often made of brick, and they are designed to be more like a traditional extension than a uPVC conservatory. Orangeries are great for period properties and estates, as they offer a more grand appearance with their large flat windows and brick pillars.

The SkyRoom combines the clean lines of an Atlas conservatory with the classic features of an orangery. This makes it the ultimate choice for homeowners who want a conservatory that will stand out from the crowd. The subtle roof frame is perfectly complemented by the large expanses of glass, creating an elegant and stylish space that will add value to your home. The SkyRoom’s internal ridge and rafter sections are constructed from Superlite, which helps to improve insulation as well as increasing the amount of natural light that can be brought into the space.

With a range of finishes to choose from, including tie bars and finials, you can customise your conservatory swansea to match your property. You can even select a colour for the roof, meaning that your conservatory will blend in beautifully with your existing home. We offer a wide selection of doors to match your new conservatory too, and our UPVC double glazing provides excellent energy efficiency as well as noise reduction and security. conservatories swansea

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