Button Head Bolt

A Button Head Bolt is a threaded fastener that features a raised cylindrical socket head. The head has a recessed hexagon drive that accepts standard hex key tools and is capable of being tightened to much higher torque specifications than a cross-recessed or slotted screw. The wide load-bearing surface of the button head helps to resist loosening. These fasteners are popular for their visual aesthetic appeal, especially when they are used in applications where space is limited and countersinking is not possible.

These fasteners are most often utilized in the automotive industry, electrical equipment, furniture assembly and heavy duty industrial tasks that involve thick materials like steel alloys. Their unique design makes them ideal for applications where the heads could snag on other screws or bolts that are exposed above the surface, as well as in areas where safety is a concern due to their reduced risk of injury from objects snagging on moving machinery.

The rounded head shape also prevents the screw from becoming loose over time and ensures a better grip on surfaces that might otherwise be damaged by other types of bolts with sharp edges, such as sheet metal. Button head bolts are often paired with a hex washer to help maintain the correct amount of pressure and prevent loosening or damage to the surface.

Metric & Multistandard carries ISO 7380 Button Socket Head Cap Screws in Property Class 10.9, along with A2 and A4 Stainless Steel. We can also offer non-standard sizes, materials and finishes for special order. Please contact us for more information. Button Head Bolt

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