Blue Diamond Ring – All Colors Of The Ocean

If and when you decide to jump into the deep, deep end of the proverbial jewelry purchasing swimming pool, be sure to take your goggles and water wings. By goggles, I mean the clarity to see the piece that will captivate your lady’s heart and by water wings, I mean all the help that you can get to keep you from drowning. One piece of crucial advice is that, if you are in the market for something straight from the deep blue sea, consider a Blue Diamond Ring.

No, Blue Diamond Rings do not come from the ocean, but the wide variety of colors that can be found in this market certainly do lend themselves to such descriptions. The names of the colors range from fancy intense blue to fancy deep green-blue, fancy grayish blue, fancy light blue to fancy turquoise. However, if a clumsy or impatient sales clerk attempts to guide you towards a topaz or a tanzanite, you have ventured from the diamond path and need to make a hasty retreat.

Also, know that there is no right or wrong shade and that what it comes down to is a matter of preference. Now, this is where you really want to pay attention to what shade she says she likes. Drop the hints, search her jewelry box, grab a paint swatch, and secretively get her to pick a shade that is just for her. Just don’t commit to the shade of her Blue Diamond Ring based on the fact that she said she would love to have a cornflower or periwinkle blue bathroom.

And, ladies, don’t get mad at him for not remembering that you had one time, long ago, mentioned that your dream car would be cerulean blue, because there are plenty of guys who cannot recall the name of his all-time favorite running back. Just keeping it real.

Now that you know how to start your search, do not forget to pay attention to all of the details that you would for a colorless diamond – carat, cut, clarity, etc. Blue Diamond Rings are visually the result of internal imperfections, but that does not in any way decrease their value. In fact, imperfections can be good in this type of diamond. But with some shopping savvy you are sure to find the perfect shade, the perfect stone, and the perfect Blue Diamond Ring. diamond painting eigenes bild

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