Battery for Tag Heuer Connected Review

The Tag Heuer Connected watch is a high-end luxury smartwatch that does more than keep your wrist looking classy. It also features fitness and health-tracking capabilities that rival the top WearOS devices on the market, thanks to a partnership with Google and Intel.

The 430mAh battery has easily lasted me a full day with moderate use, including tracking my activity through both Google Fit and TAG Heuer’s own app (restrictions on movement have prevented me from testing wider fitness features). That’s not bad at all, especially considering that I didn’t use the GPS on this watch during my tests.

When the battery is low, the watch automatically displays a simple watch face on its display to save power and prevent draining the battery. It’s a neat feature that I haven’t seen on other WearOS watches, and it does help to keep the watch on hand even when it’s running low on juice.

In terms of interacting with the watch, most of my time was spent using its large touchscreen to navigate menus. The watch also features a crown-esque button on the right side that serves as both the home and power button. I initially had some concerns about the size of this button, but it actually works pretty well for a watch that is so large.

I’ve also found the touchscreen to be very responsive and easy to use, although it does have a little bit of lag at times. Overall, the user experience is solid, and I think it’s a great way to interact with a wearable that’s designed to be primarily a timepiece.

The TAG Heuer Connected’s GPS accuracy is quite good — it was within the margin for error of my Garmin Epix when testing it for running, and it’s also accurate when used as a stopwatch. However, the watch’s GPS performance isn’t as impressive when used for walking or cycling.

Replacing the battery on this watch is fairly straightforward, but you will need to know the code on your existing battery in order to find the correct replacement. Simply enter your battery code into the search box on our site and it will show you a list of links to the correct replacement battery. You can also use our cross reference table to identify your battery by measuring the hole in your watch case (the width and height of the hole). This will give you the code for the exact size of battery that will fit your watch. Alternatively, you can take your watch to an expert at a local repair shop, and they will be able to change the battery in a matter of minutes. These experts typically charge between 5 and 20 dollars for this service, and most will offer a warranty on the battery as well. The most important thing to remember is that a watchmaker will use tools that will not damage your watch’s case when changing the battery, and you’ll be guaranteed that it will be done correctly. Battery for tag Heuer watch

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