Armor Ring – Startlingly Beautiful Medieval Armor Rings Take Center Stage on Any Hand

We have had a fascination with decorating and enhancing our bodies and complementing our clothing with jewelry since times before the Roman Empire and that is a lot of years by anyone’s standards. I cannot imagine that there are too many people who do not have one piece of their own personal treasure for sure. To own something special be it a necklace, earrings or a ring is almost like a rite of passage. So, you can imagine when I came across an armor ring that I knew immediately that I was on to something totally unique.

If you have never seen an armor ring, be prepared to be blown away. What makes them so amazing is the visual impact they create not just from putting one on and wearing it but from looking at them as a work of art too. We all love to be a little different sometimes and to create a bit of individuality and express it in such an awesome way is pretty satisfying.

I have never experienced a piece of jewelry creating so much of an interest when wearing it and I can guarantee that you will be inundated with loads of questions, the main one being where you got it from. So, what makes them so impressive and whip up such a storm?

Normally, if someone says the word ring in relation to a finger adornment, you would be most likely to think of a round shape, possibly engraved or decorated with precious or semi precious stones and ordinarily that would be a pretty accurate description of what most peoples idea of a ring is. So, this is where we part company with that particular stereotype.

Also known as a full finger ring, medieval ring, knight ring, slave ring or Gothic ring, this maybe gives you a little more of an inkling of what we are dealing with. They are more of a finger decoration than you would possibly expect and are generally made in two or three pieces that cover from the base of your finger to your second knuckle or just under your fingernail.

They seem to have been very much favoured by people who love the Gothic style of clothing and certainly have been adopted by them. But, with the likes of Vivienne Westwood discovering the secret and bringing out a fantastic range of her own styles and designs on the theme, these beautiful pieces of what have to be described as a sculpture for your finger are going global.

Pewter and sterling silver are the favoured materials used to make an armor ring which pretty much ensures comfort and durability. Being jointed in the same places as your own fingers they are extremely easy to wear. The intricate details make them perfectly suited to unisex wear, some are very rugged and others more delicately worked but, you are sure to find one that will appeal no problem. Finger rings

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